Canevari’s monotypes were presented without frames, imposing an almost palpable intimacy to the presentation. He establishes stark binaries and, through reiterating various conceptual opposites, explores the materiality of time itself.

Adele Jancovici, the founding publisher at LLAP, wants for these presentations to be more than just pictures hanging on a wall. For this night, she formulated a limited edition scented candle and commissioned a musical composition from Christine Webster to created. The sounds in the background made themselves known between pauses in sentences, both serving as distraction and focus. The candle’s scent, subtle yet permeating the room, was likewise inescapable, drawing attention to the porousness of boundaries and the myriad ways in which we are influenced outside of our awareness.  The way difference elements of the evening come into contact plays a central role for Jancovici.

These presentations are more than just pictures hanging on a wall.

At the center of Le Livre is the bond with the artist and the act of collaboration, and the artwork plays a secondary role. Canevari’s shapes collaborate with one another in a restricted world, with rules and lines and boundaries, to create something dynamic, exquisite, and unforgettable. The entire evening itself seemed like a meticulously crafted object, a multi-sensory monument that was somehow both acutely private and sweepingly universal.

The portfolio of monotypes will be viewable by appointment only, and can be purchased through Le Livre Art Publising.

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