Maurizio Cattelan’s work breathes the violent clarity of very few words: taxidermy, Hitler, the Pope! No surprise Maurizio’s latest project, the print magazine Toilet Paper can do entirely without text.

Rachel Pidcock—What is it about satire and humor that attracts you as an artist?

Maurizio Cattelan—The same thing that attract everyone to humor. Its a way to deal with the absurdities of modern life.

Rachel—What function do you envision for your Toilet Paper images in a world awash in commercial imagery?

Maurizio—What function does a virus have? I am happy for the images to find their destiny even a commercial one.

Rachel—Why make a wordless, picture based magazine?

Maurizio— Pictures are the true international language.

Rachel—What did your exhibition at the Guggenheim last year mean to you and what effect has it had on your idea of yourself as an artist?

Maurizio— ALL was my public hanging. I am now a happy and busy retired artist.

Rachel—What’s your most treasured document?

Maurizio—My wedding certificate!

This conversation was originally published in Document’s first issue.