The artist’s latest release from her ready-to-wear collection features a deceptively real clementine heel, drawing on the fruit’s multitude of meanings

This is not a clementine. It’s the heel of a shoe. This footwear is a part of artist Gab Bois’s second drop for her ready-to-wear collection, Canapés, which sees the creative turn her attention to the citrus with two new items: the square-toed strappy sandals clementine heel and a knit sweater prominently featuring the fruit on its front. Although each heel looks identical to the original clementine, the reproductions are fashioned out of injection-molded polymer and hand-painted to resemble nature’s design. It thankfully doesn’t squish when you step.

As an artist, Bois has devoted her practice to defamiliarizing and repurposing life’s more prosaic artifacts: EarPods are bikini straps, dice become a chandelier, a pair of binoculars have a second life as a candlestick, etc. Canapés, however, extends her playful, material-agnostic work to a wider scale. Although manufactured in limited quantities (making only 100 pairs, Bois states that she’s anti-fast-fashion), the heels are more than just a conceptual project. One hundred identical clementines will be quite literally hitting the streets, stripped of their organic, oftentimes nourishing utility. But the representation is unable to shrug the citrusy significance. Clementines are symbols of connection, segmented and shareable. They also traditionally represent good fortune in East Asian cultures. An undoubted conversation starter, the shoe will bring people together, too.