Document premieres the music video to the electronic duo’s latest single, ahead of the release of their EP ‘Connection’

In fourth grade, I was in love with a boy who had spiked hair, flames on his Converse, and only a vague awareness of my existence. Desperate for evidence of his reciprocated feelings, I sought validation wherever I could—I may have applied a little extra pressure on the Ouija board dial, and when I plucked a cosmo from the neighbor’s yard on my way home from school, I would try to pick one with an odd number of petals, to always land on “he loves me” (though I often miscalculated). Whole days brightened or ruined by the papery purple petals.

This sweet uncertainty and exhausted back and forth have followed us into adulthood, only exacerbated by the active participation of the (oftentimes fickle) objects of our affection. Shallowhalo’s shimmering synthy single, “Decision of a Flower,” perfectly captures this oscillating, roller-coaster feeling as singer Allyson Camitta laments, “He said he loves me, he loves me not—a little a lot, wish I could stop.” Here, Document Journal debuts the track, accompanied by a video by New York-based artist and director Bijan Souri. Featuring infinite projections and holographic hummingbird visuals, the short captures the song’s dreamy liminality.

“Decision of a Flower” is the latest single off the New York City electronic duo’s upcoming EP, Connection, out in January. The song is at home amongst Ezra Tenenbaum and Camitta’s other sugary electro-pop releases, and comes already dance-floor tested: In the time since the artists released their debut album No Fun, Camitta and her friend Charlie Baker started We Take Manhattan, a party typically held at the IYKYK East Village bar Old Flings.

“Since I started DJing, I’ve paid more attention to how people respond to different songs, and more specifically, what gets people up and dancing,” Camitta explains. “I like to DJ a mix of electroclash, Italo disco, and house music, and I wanted to be able to play some Shallowhalo tracks during my sets. It’s definitely inspired the creative process.” To see how “Decision of a Flower” would fit alongside songs by Ladytron, Strawberry Switchblade, and Miss Kittin & The Hacker, she would play unfinished mixes during her sets. The results are self-evident: The song has an undeniable ’80s groove, destined to be added to DJ USB sticks across Bushwick and beyond.

A release show for “Decision of a Flower” will be held on November 4 at Heaven Can Wait in New York.

Video Editor Joey Cannizzaro.