In anticipation of their upcoming EP ‘Versions of You,’ the LA-based alt-rock band offers Document a list of their favorite tracks

Rocket’s Versions of You is like a time capsule. Composed of drummer Cooper Ladomade, guitarists Baron Rinzler and Desi Scaglione, and bassist and frontwoman Alithea Tuttle, the alt-rock quartet’s debut EP offers catchy, yearning ballads that evoke nostalgia for adolescent frustrations. Like a coming-of-age story, the seven-song arc tracks the many transitions of young adulthood: all the “versions of you” we grow in and out of between the years of 18 and 22.

Rocket deftly captures that transformational feeling. Their songs juxtapose plaintive vocals with jagged guitars, keeping the listener both energized and lyrically hooked. In “On Your Heels,” Tuttle addresses a listener, perhaps an old friend or romantic partner. She begins the chorus, “I’ll wait for you to tell me that,” before cutting herself off with a dismissive, “It’s too late / I should probably give up.” Life is short, Tuttle seems to suggest, and time flies when you’re having fun—better not to waste it on the wrong people.

Although Rocket officially launched in 2021, the bandmates have known each other through the formative years they write about. They met in high school, but the band sowed its seeds during the 2020 pandemic, with Tuttle and Sciaglione jamming to pass the time during lockdown. But the sound they envisioned was bigger than an apartment bedroom could accommodate. Linzler and Landomade soon joined, and after months of devoted practice, Rocket was born.

Since then, the gang has kept plenty busy, laying down the tracks for Versions of You and opening for bands like bar italia, Pretty Sick, and Hello Mary. Ahead of their New York debut at TV Eye, Rocket took a moment to recommend a few choice songs from some of their favorite bands.

“Trains Across the Sea” by Silver Jews
“This is our post-show, late-night drive song. Once you’ve packed your equipment and smoked your last cigarette, all that’s left to do is face the open road with a little Silver Jews. Silence in the car is required.”

“Amputations” by Death Cab for Cutie
“Death Cab for Cutie is a band we only got into once we heard You Can Play These Songs with Chords. It’s cool to hear how they recut this song for their first record, but this version will always be special to us.”

“Out of Gas” by Modest Mouse
“One time, Baron literally ran out of gas in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard on the way to a rehearsal. Later that month, it happened to him again while he was transporting a dozen donuts. They sat in his car while he called AAA. This song is for him and the dozen donuts lost.”

“Haley” by Big Thief
“Big Thief can do no wrong, and ‘Haley’ is a beautiful example of how great they are.”

“Laugh Track” by Chavez
“Chavez is a huge inspiration for us. The guitars on this track feel perfectly balanced, which is something we aim for.”

“India Rubber” by Radiohead
“Radiohead is one of our favorite bands—really, every album by them is incredible. This song has such a unique feel to it, and the drums kick ass. It’s always inspiring to hear Thom Yorke’s voice so up close and personal.”

“Alone + Easy Target” by Foo Fighters
“For our band, early Foo Fighters is the great equalizer. Cooper has been preaching Foo Fighters since we all met. Their first album really helped the rest of us get into them.”

“Karen Revisited” by Sonic Youth
“All 11 minutes and 10 seconds of this song are gold to us. Lee Ranaldo’s lyrics really set this apart from other Sonic Youth songs.”

“Number One Blind” by Veruca Salt
“Veruca Salt is legendary for many things, one in particular being the band’s ability to write a great song about something as trivial as window blinds.”

“Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” by UGK featuring Outkast
“This is the only anthem we salute to. No explanation needed.”