Document premieres the music video here, underpinned by the influence of La Ruta del Bakalao scene, and the cadence of Berlin techno

La Ruta del Bakalao was born in Spain in the late-’80s—at least officially, when it became widely known as such. The music scene derives its name from the CV-500, an infamous motorway along the nation’s lush coast, dotted by bars and clubs in and around the city of Valencia. Ravers upon ravers flocked to the nightlife hub, which started off with disco and funk before transitioning to something more radical, faster—bolstered by a hungry youth, and energized by the recent death of the dictator Francisco Franco. They pushed for pop, post-punk, new wave, and eventually, EBM, house, and techno.

The legacy of La Ruta is powerful, within Spain and far, far beyond. Enter: modern-day artists Héctor Oaks and SITA (a.k.a. Sita Abellán), who drew from the movement to create “Loff Is All You Speed,” a joint track animated by both the history and the future of Spanish rave music.

As Oaks—a fixture in the international techno scene, known for his vinyl-only mixing—undertook the venture of his latest studio album, he knew SITA to be a worthy partner. “We’d been talking about the possibility of a collaboration for some time,” he says of the DJ-producer, who’s manned some of the most cutting-edge dance floors around the world, from Ibiza to Las Vegas. “I knew her approach and style would blend very well with my own, and I was excited about the unique sound we could create together.”

“[La Ruta] has its own flavor—energized, melancholic, with a punk attitude, which fits very well with my core values and artistic expression.”

SITA concurs: “We share tastes in the kind of techno we like, and we’re both inspired by [La Ruta], which is my main inspiration for the music that I’m making. It’s just natural.” Both artists note the ties between the sound of the Spanish movement, and that of Berlin techno. “[La Ruta] has its own flavor—energized, melancholic, with a punk attitude, which fits very well with my core values and artistic expression,” says Oaks. “Loff Is All You Speed” has the trippy repetitiveness of a classic techno track, borrowing from the language of the pioneers of the CV-500.

Underpinning both artists’ practices are the tenets of Spanish culture, which colors its artistic output as well as its day-to-day life. “Everything about it inspires me: the food, our people, flamenco, our streets, the weather,” says SITA. Oaks goes on: “We’ve got this awesome culture of getting together—it’s all about celebrating life. And let’s not forget the language. I feel very inspired by the use of Spanish; it’s a very expressive language, with a lot of subtleties.”

These influences are evident, whether you listen to the track alone or watch its accompanying video, shot in a Spathios space. It’s maximalist, alive, dark and playful at the same time—with SITA’s raw vocals drumming over an incessant, moving beat. Here, Document premieres the fruit of the artists’ labor. “[With this track], I travel to places that I’ve never been [to],” SITA concludes. “That’s the magic of music.”