The DJ shares photographs from her world (domination) tour, spreading the gospel of Jersey club in the birthplace of techno

Just as ’80s Detroit was a breeding ground for the fusion of synth-pop, house, and electro—which would come to be known as techno music—the Garden State has seen the rise of its own EDM subgenre, Jersey club. The Newark-based Brick Bandits crew defined the sound in the early aughts; today, its uptempo, abrasive style is cresting into the mainstream. (Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock,” released last October, is approaching half a billion streams on Spotify.) 

At the helm of perfecting and propagating this rambunctious, bouncy style is UNIIQU3, alternately—and aptly—known as the Jersey Club Queen. Her Majesty has played around the globe and, in the process, elevated a local genre to an international phenomenon. Over Memorial Day weekend, UNIIQU3 continued her world tour at the Movement Music Festival in Detroit. For Document, the DJ shares photos from the weekend spent performing and, in the process, proving to the birthplace of techno that there’s a new sound making waves.  

Embrace the Movement. The atmosphere was contagious in Detroit, and every day seemed like a new sonic adventure.

Party people owned the dance floor. Not only inspiring to watch, but it gives you motivation to move.