The party kicked off Pride Month, uniting a dynamic crew of creatives under one roof in the Bowery

The Jeffries and Jonah Almost took to the Bowery at the start of the month, celebrating Pride at New York’s Outer Heaven. The cocktail lounge’s mostly-minimalist design is dotted with references to otaku—the Japanese term for individuals with all-consuming interests, usually in the comic or video game realm. The party’s guests—a crew of creatives; actors and musicians and writers—fit right under that umbrella, if diverging a bit in the genres of their crafts and obsessions. Skateboarder-model-DJ Almost welcomed Jeremy O. Harris, Dion Lee, and Dora Jar, among many others, alongside Jeffries founder Kendall Werts.

Donis, x3butterfly, and TT provided the evening’s soundtrack, closed out with a live set by Almost himself. Belvedere provided the cocktails, and Good Weird, the goodie bags. (Guests carted home complimentary skin products from the genderless cosmetic disruptors.) Here, Document shares an inside look at the Pride party’s happenings, characterized by a dynamic community and plenty of reason to celebrate.