The photographer shares a portfolio of chance encounters and lush landscapes with Document, imparting a piece of the nation's mesmerizing spirit

“The experience you have the first time you meet a place leaves the strongest impression,” says photographer Antoine Harinthe. Thus was the case with his first visit to Jamaica, which he documented lovingly: careful shots of the pool-blue shoreline, dotted with lush greenery; portraits of new friends, candid and up-close; still lifes of town life captured in dice hanging from a car’s windshield, a basketball hoop erected on a patch of grass, a biker ambling down a quiet street.

“I wanted to portray some of these [impressions],” Harinthe goes on, “from the roots and traditions to the youth, the future of this country.” He shares a collection of these memories with Document—an outsider’s view of Jamaica—with the hopes of imparting a piece of the nation’s mesmerizing spirit.

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