Upon the release of ‘Better Luck In The Next Life,’ the Montreal-born artist joins Document to curate a list of transportive tracks

2022 was a big year for Chiiild: The up-and-coming musician toured with Leon Bridges, played Jimmy Kimmel Live, got nominated for a Juno—Alternative Album of the Year—and was named one of Vevo’s Artists to Watch. Amid it all, the Canadian-Ethiopian singer-songwriter found time to prepare an album, characterized as “a track-by-track road map to finding himself.” Better Luck In The Next Life is the natural next page in a practice marked by soulful, psychedelic, genre-bending soundscapes—much-anticipated by his steadily growing fan base.

Chiiild (born Yonatan Ayal) had his start in 2017, as he joined forces with producer and guitarist ​​Pierre-Luc Rioux. Ayal himself is a classically-trained pianist; the pair’s combined musical prowess sparked grounds for collaboration, growing stronger over the course of each new project. In any case, one of Chiiild’s core tenets is allegiance to his roots. “Pierre-Luc and I connected in Montreal,” he was recently quoted, “and we both wanted to build a bridge back home so we could continue to bring on other talents through our art and help guide them along the way.”

In that spirit, and in celebration of Better Luck In The Next Life’s release, Chiiild curates a playlist for Document—highlighting his hometown’s best emerging talent, and the songs that center him as his project takes off.

“Fam Without Blood” by Skiifall
“This is the future sound of Montreal. I love being surprised by music, especially when it comes from my hometown.”

“So Far Gone” by Sneaker Pimps featuring Simonne Jones
“One of my North Stars, sonically. I really gravitate towards the mood and the world this song takes me to.”

“Good For Now” by Chiiild featuring Lucky Daye
“This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve put out in the world. In my eyes, it’s the perfect mix of my sound [and Lucky Daye’s]. It’s spaciously alternative and indie, while he brings in that R&B element.”

“Serenade Of Water” by Men I Trust
“Men I Trust are Montreal legends, from the other side of town. There is such a calming energy to their songs, which is so comforting to me. Emmanuelle Proulx’s vocals feel like a warm hug.”

“We both wanted to build a bridge back home so we could continue to bring on other talents through our art and help guide them along the way.”

“The Chauffeur” by Sneaker Pimps
“This song is a trip. It kind of takes you into its own universe, both lyrically and sonically. There’s something very cinematic to it.”

“Gorilla” by Little Simz
“Everything Simz does is in immaculate taste. This song feels so big; it’s such a statement. I really admire her fearless delivery.”

“From You” by Bonobo featuring Joji
“The synths in this song are eargasmic. Bonobo is able to work so uniquely with the concept of space. ‘From You’ feels ethereal, and takes me on such a journey.”

“Risky” by Aáyanna
“This is me, just putting you onto something fresh. Aáyanna is the newest artist signed to Avant Garden, and it’s been incredible watching her work in the studio. I really think she’s paving her way in the R&B space.”

“Floating (432hz)” by Cinematica
“I use this song to feel still. It’s important to find ways to ground yourself, and to get out of the thoughts in your head. Listening to ‘Floating (432hz),’ mainly because of its frequency, helps me center myself when life becomes too much.”

“>;0 (feat. Vegyn)” by Mk.gee featuring Vegyn
“Another artist with immaculate taste! Mk.gee is able to sonically capture emotion. The journey he and Vegyn take the listener on is really intriguing, but comes with an overwhelming sense of comfort.”