The photographer’s stripped-down portrait series spotlights 30 women affected by war, who share their stories in an accompanying video instillation at Paris’s Oddity

When pictures of violence and destruction emerge, they can obscure that which was there before: the life that populated demolished buildings, the relationships that bloomed on now rubbled streets. The documentation of the war in Ukraine has been dense and necessary. Amid the devastation, it’s important to remember the faces affected.

Photographer Mark Abegg turned his lens to some of these faces, capturing 30 women in their simplest states. These images, which seek to emphasize their subjects as individuals, appear printed in an exhibition at Oddity in Paris, alongside a video installation that depicts the women sharing their experiences of the war.

Proceeds from the show will be donated to Марш Жінок, a Ukrainian public initiative dedicated providing shelter, legal advice, psychological support, hygiene products, medicine, and food supplies to women affected by the conflict.

Art Direction by Benjamin Grillon. Casting by Maxine Valentini. Production by Pasha Harulia.