Document shares an inside look at the stylist’s retrospective book, catching passing remarks on Courtney Love and nepotism exposés

“Fashion is much more immediate than any of the other arts,” says stylist Katie Grand, from behind the jewelry cases at New York’s Dover Street Market. She’s reflecting on her intensive career as a creative director and pioneer of fashion journalism, which finds physical form in her latest project Tears & Tearsheets. It is a 288-page compilation of her editorial styling work over the last three decades, from her early days at Dazed & Confused to Bella Hadid’s Love cover.

To celebrate the retrospective, published by IDEA Books, DSM New York’s first floor was transformed into Grand’s castle last Saturday evening. For two hours, flutes of white wine were passed among exquisitely-dressed crowd goers, including families and Instagram models alike.

After navigating the store’s maze, inspired fans and lifelong friends lined up to receive personal dedications in their copies of Tears & Tearsheets. If you blinked, you missed passing appearances from personalities like Julia Fox, Marc Jacobs, and Hari Nef. Everybody was chic and cozy, much like Grand herself.

To get an inside look at exactly what went down, Document shares what we overheard from the whispers between fashion’s in-crowd.

“It’s very New York to go somewhere and be, like, Don’t talk to me.”


“They’re being very generous with the liquids tonight.”

“Our queen, Courtney Love. Actually, I don’t want to say that, given her problematic past.”


“Sign it to Hari Nef—the spy, the agent.”


“I’m swimming in deadstock.”

“She’s a model, right?” “Yeah, but the nepo kind.”


“A lot of these people give off an aura of importance, but I don’t know what they’re famous for.”


“Tell her she needs to give more.