Following the release of her latest single ‘Talk,’ the up-and-coming musician curates a selection of feel-good, innovatory tracks

“I talk about you to my friends / They say they know how this will end / And I know they’re probably right / But life’s a bitch and so am I,” opens Tatiana Hazel’s latest single, “Talk.” Grungy and quick-paced, it’s the Chicago-born, LA-based, Mexican-American artist’s first release in over a year. She’s been biding her time, plotting to move in a fresh sonic direction; previously tending toward airy vocals—catchy alternative pop—Hazel approached “Talk” with a combination of live instrumentation and dark electronic noise. Its accompanying video is set in a graffitied, abandoned open space—an embodiment of the isolation where the artist finds solace and creative inspiration.

In celebration of new trajectories, Hazel curated a playlist for Document honoring her all-time favorite tracks. It traverses the work of bands and solo acts, rock and R&B, oldies and recent discoveries—always returning to the sounds she finds comfort in, and that push her to keep making music.

“Swingin Party” by The Replacements
This song does wonders for my anxiety. Something about the swing of it makes me feel so comforted, and the lyrics are very relatable. It’s probably one of my most played songs of all time.

“Autonomy” by Boy Harsher and Lucy featuring Cooper B. Handy
I’ve been a fan of Boy Harsher for a while, but this has to be my favorite track of theirs. I’m also in a band, PROM, and Boy Harsher is a huge inspiration to me when it comes to vocal effects over electronic production. The fact that this song is part of a short film they made is also super sick.

“2:45 AM” by Elliott Smith
As someone who is very much nocturnal, I deeply resonate with this song. Either/Or is one of my favorite albums of all time, and whenever I get to “2:45 AM,” I feel as if Elliott is a close friend recounting a story about a late night we had.

“12 Regrets” by Israel’s Arcade
I reached out to Israel after finding his music on Spotify, and shortly after we played a show together. They put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen in so long. So stoked for their next album to be out.

“Wake Up Alone” by Amy Winehouse
My favorite song from one of my favorite artists of all time. There’s a video on YouTube of Amy playing it live, and I blast it at least once a week, full volume through my apartment. I hope my roommates like it.

“Nothing crazy has to happen for life to be beautiful; it’s about finding beauty in the small, mundane things.”

“Dark Angel” By Provoker
Provoker is one of my favorite bands making music right now. I love the way they fuse live instrumentation with synths and electronic drums. Also, it’s an extremely fun song to sing and dance to with my friends.

“Perfect Day” by Lou Reed
This is the song I play after a long day or night out with people I care about, when we’re winding down. Nothing crazy has to happen for life to be beautiful; it’s about finding beauty in the small, mundane things.

“Power Freaks” by Jean Dawson
Jean is truly ahead of his time and does an amazing job at making music that doesn’t follow mainstream trends, while having all the qualities that get the mainstream’s attention. This track, sonically and lyrically, makes you feel things that are beyond words. I’ll just leave it at that. And the visuals? Insane.

“The Thing” by Pixies
I wish this song was much longer, but that’s the beauty in it. I find myself playing it on repeat when I’m trying to capture this specific energy.

“Changes” by Malice K
I mostly listen to a lot of older music, so it’s exciting for me to find new artists like Malice who encapsulate the sounds of musicians I’ve loved for years, but who make it contemporary and their own. I find myself blasting this on full volume in my car with the top down, yelling the lyrics.