Photographer Anders Edström and stylist Jodie Barnes collaborate on this fashion portfolio for Document’s Winter 2021/Resort 2022 issue

Models Matylda Sokolowska and Natalia Montero at Elite; Smilla Herbst at Titanium; Taira Go, Cyrielle Lalande, Awar Odhiang at Ford Paris. Hair Joseph Pujalte at Artlist. Make-up Anthony Preel at Artlist. Lighting Assistant Etienne Olliveau. Stylist Assistants Tom Grimsdell, Manuel Noriega Torres. Hair Assistant Josephine Brignon. Make-up Assistant Azusa Kumakura. Production Artistry Production Ltd. Production Director Madeleine Kiersztan at Ms4 Production. Casting Director Angus Munro at AMC Casting. Retouching Hide Shimamura at HS-R Creative Retouch.