For Spring/Summer 2022, Maria Grazia Chiuri reminds us of the elegance of embroidery

When intricate pieces in black, white, and gray move through a gallery of pictures—as massive as they are vibrant—we can immediately sense the contrast. Dior’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection was presented in dialogue with embroidered reproductions of paintings by Indian artists Madhvi and Manu Parekh. Reproduced by Mumbai’s Chanakya School of Craft, the works explore concepts of nature, magic, and spirituality.

Despite the differences between the collection and its surroundings, the two were connected through the craft of embroidery and the privileging of the handmade. Complementary opposites showed themselves within the garments, as well: Embroidered tights, a signature of the collection, were often paired with cleanly tailored suits or drapey dresses. This juxtaposition brought out a purity that was both elegant and refreshing.

The dialogue between the loud, lush runway and the soft sophistication of the collection evoked youthfulness and maturity, all at once. In presenting contrasting textures with technical excellence, Dior made a refreshing statement that was both powerful and subtle.