Perel’s ‘cosmic disco’ playlist is an intergalactic journey

Ahead of her show at The Brooklyn Hangar, the German producer and vocalist shares a medley of techno and synth-infused disco music

There aren’t too many people making a case for the revival of disco, but Perel’s is pretty damn good. The German singer and producer brings an ethereal quality to her tracks, something she classifies as “cosmic disco.” Perel’s music seems to be the best explainer of cosmic disco, maintaining the techno elements, spacey synthesizers, and entrancing danceability she sees as inherent in its being.

Perel’s latest EP, Star, is hypnotically bouncy. Her early-life new wave influences are apparent, as are her club sensibilities of the sort that can only truly be earned via time spent immersed in the Berlin scene (it was doing this that inspired Perel to create her own idiosyncratic live/DJ hybrid sets).

In anticipation of Star and her July 24 show with Teksupport at The Brooklyn Hangar, and to further clarify exactly what cosmic disco is, Perel shares 11 of her favorite tracks that encapsulate the vibe.

“A great cosmic disco set drags you in and won’t let you go,” Perel explains. “Obviously all these tracks could be labeled with other musical tags. It’s not a genre, but a feeling, and that’s exactly what my DJ sets are about. It’s always a journey.”