With his Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Alexandre Mattiussi solidifies the new cool kid uniform

Ami’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection exists in the liminal space between staying in and going out—those nights where you don’t plan on making it to the party, but it happens anyways (for better or for worse). The result is a tableau of perfectly nonchalant and eclectic partywear.

Creative director Alexandre Mattiussi kicked the show off with a super wide-legged, halter-top black jumpsuit finished with a pair of tall pointed boots and squared-off shades. This opening look felt like a utilitarian take on the typically glitzy Studio 54 staple and a cool introduction to the relaxed yet self-assured nature of the collection.

Mattiussi’s pairings were a little disco, a little punk, and a little preppy—cropped jackets with collars over their lapels were styled atop chilled-out fishnet tank tops and beaded necklaces, and a pair of brown patent leather rockstar pants courted a schoolish grey blazer.

The collection featured many double-breasted navy blazers and camel and amber-hued trench coats tailored in a pleasantly academic sensibility. Mattiussi’s preference for a plush, exaggerated corduroy and fitted sweater vests punctuated by rumpled shirttails evoked the carefree spirit of the last day of classes before summer vacation.

The breakout star of the show was perhaps an oversized hat with two long wide ribbons extending from the nape of its crown. It appeared in several different styles and a range of colors, but each and every version added an air of well-to-do mystery to whatever look it accompanied.