Shot over the course of a day, this fashion portfolio recalls the glamorous car culture of the era.

Photographer Max Cornwall teams up with stylist Grace Joel for a dynamic fashion editorial straight out of the 80’s. The editorial reads like stills from a film, as if they were viewed from the backseat of a taxi cab, observing people as they drive by. Shot at different times over the course of a day, there are captivating movement and interactions between the models and the camera. Joel dresses the story’s characters, the majority of whom were street cast, with dynamic styling that blurs elements of normality and total glam.

Models Michele Fornera, Fern Gray, and Jelena Markovic at XDIRECTN, Etta Longden at Wilhelmina Models, Alfred Szczerba at Brother Models, Samuel Evans at Anti-Agency, Babs Savage and Tony Richardson at UGLY Models, Colin Taylor at PRM Agency, Zoe Kezia at Models1, and Marcella Stoimenova. Hair Ryuta Saiga. Make-up Rebecca Wordingham. Set Designer Camilla Byles. Production and Casting Miro Raynov. Photo Assistants Ben Bradish and Milton Beale. Hair Assistants Ericka Neumann and Jenna Shafer. Make-up Assistants Tetiana Mishchenko, Liz Marsden, Jade Bradley, Clelia Giampaolo, and Francesca Reidie. Production Assistant Morgana Andrade.