Natalia Alaverdian's Spring/Summer 2020 collection showcases the sensuality in the strange.

Natalia Alaverdian of A.W.A.K.E. is known for her distinctive take on the modern woman’s wardrobe. A.W.A.K.E. MODE’s Spring 2020 runway show took place in the idyllic St. George’s Bloomsbury Church, a surreal backdrop contrasting with the sharp tailoring she presented. As show notes stated, the collection’s intent was “to introduce elegant wit and subtle strangeness into the wardrobes of Alaverdian’s dedicated following.” There were plenty of juxtapositions between different fabrics, asymmetrical silhouettes countering sculptural shapes.

The collection’s strength was in its unique take on everyday basics with attention to subtle details such as unexpected off-the-shoulder sleeves and a bustier-blazer hybrid. Alaverdian’s use of sheer fabrics and skin-tight pieces, in whites and beiges, introduced a sensual femininity, and raw hems added a sense of endearing unfinishedness. There was a paper-doll feeling to the collection, as if garments were taken apart and reassembled in a way that seemed imperfectly perfect. Alaverdian’s distinguishing idiosyncrasies continually make for an exciting, conceptual take on contemporary womenswear.

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