Designer Sara Lopez threw a beautifully chaotic dinner party for her fledgling brand.

Crescendoing percussion, a lustrous palette, and ethereal motion: A — Company, a short film collaboration between Document and Derek Anthony Welte, brings you into a world of visual enchantment juxtaposed with a taste of aural panic.

Founded by Sara Lopez in 2018, A — Company is a conceptual fashion brand focused on deconstructing traditional wardrobe staples and recreating them into well-structured, yet surrealist garments. Styled by Document’s very own Shawn Lakin, light-toned pieces throughout the video showcase A — Company’s dreamlike aesthetic. Stemless flowers scattered against airy fabrics of muted greys and gauzy whites frequent the video, intercut with darker shots of dripping honeycomb and a model’s fingers ripping into artisanal bread. Presented with up-close visuals of flowing fabrics and detailed textures, A — Company uses rhythmic beats and natural sounds to present an elegant environment of effortless motion and intimacy.