“I’ve never been interested in using photography for documenting our reality,” photographer and director Alex Black says. “For me, it’s another way to explore new realms by pushing away from the subject’s true nature and giving it new meaning by decontextualizing it.” In this fashion portfolio and accompanying video, Black collaborates with stylist Herin Choi to bring his vision of contemporary fashion to life. “I wanted to capture a very specific moment in fashion which seems to be highly inspired by the chroma green, and even broader: the digital era.”

Models Awen, Bailey, Kevin, Cameron, and Miles. Hair Tsuki. Make Up Mimi Quiquine. Assistant Director Tom Wynne. Director of Photography Emmanuella Zachariou. Sound design Gab Rhome. Styling assistants Alaria Diperna and Cameron Williams. Lighting assistant Devan Davies-Wood. Hair Assistant Paige Phillips.