Photographer Daniel Ciufo traveled to Jerez, Spain to document the century-old celebration of horses.

Once a year in Jerez, Spain the streets are filled with vibrantly colored skirts and the clattering of hooves as the annual Feria del Caballo, otherwise known as the Jerez Horse Fair, descends upon the González Hontoria fairground. Once an annual market place, the event now stands as a celebration of the city’s greatest prides: horses and sherry. The festival has been held for centuries, and this past May, London-based photographer Daniel Ciufo and stylist Hannah Elwell visited the festivities to document this long-held celebration of culture. From smartly dressed carriage drivers and horseback riders to women dressed in bold hues with their hair woven with flowers, the photos capture the traditions still thriving after so many years, and as the range of ages demonstrates, will continue to thrive for generations to come..

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