Danish design duo Helena Christensen and Camilla Staerk collaborate with artists who inspire them for ‘In My Dream Last Night…,’ a short film and sound concept premiering exclusively on Document.

Helena Christensen and Camilla Staerk, the supermodel/designer duo behind Danish design studio Staerk&Christensen, operate less like business partners and more like soulmates. With no strictly defined roles and an instinctive, almost subconscious approach to ideas, mid-century modernist values are imbued with gothic mythicism and the ghosts of Old Hollywood glamor, fragmented with personal memories. (On the studio’s website, next to timeless peep-toe heels and subtly oversized eyewear, is a Pawn Shop filled with curated vintage and curiosities.)

The duo’s latest project is an ongoing short film and sound concept in the same spirit that defines Staerk&Christensen’s incorporeal ethos. Titled In My Dream Last Night…, the project is a collaboration with a slowly expanding circle of the artists who most inspire them, the first part spanning six singular films with equally arresting soundtracks. Each surreal, black-and-white vignette explores dualities of darkness and lightness within the confines of the mind—and the muses that penetrate our deepest subconscious thoughts. One film stars David Lynch muse Chrysta Bell spliced with clips of Christensen and Staerk, creating a phantasmagorical swirl of muses, the soundtrack a song written and produced by Lynch for Bell’s 2016 EP. Another film, simply titled Sean, shows actor Sean Penn hunched over a typewriter chain-smoking, finally looking up to see Christensen appear as an apparition outside his window. In Salman’s Dream, a boyhood memory is narrated by an older man, later revealed to be acclaimed novelist Salman Rushdie. Further collaborators include Waris Ahluwalia, Sebastian Sartor, and music duo Trentemøller/Fritze. Watch the first five films woven into one dreamscape below.

In My Dream Last Night… is presented and executed in partnership with Velem and Milk. The series will premiere April 25 at The National Arts Club in New York.