11 models from Anti's diverse roster speak on the agency and why inclusive modeling is an absolute necessity.

Ever since its inception in 2013, London based modeling agency Anti has centered itself around inclusivity. Since then, they have grown a client base that is progressive in its disruption of the status-quo of modeling and beauty. That’s not to say that the group of talent signed to the agency are not striking, but it speaks to the agencies belief that you should come as you are and do not have to change yourself to fit in or be successful in this industry. I first met the agencies founder Lucy Greene in 2017 in New York, and this ideology of championing people not only as models but as creatives was unheard of to me and was unfortunately, a fairly new concept for the industry at large. If you peruse the ensemble of anti-models you’ll find an eco-activist, a football player, a writer, a biochemistry student, a professional gamer, a punk magazine editor, and more. The agency has made itself a trailblazer in breaking out of the trite and commonplace mold of models, showcasing completely and fiercely original characters…and brands are rapidly hopping on board.

Left: Izzy Cofie. Right: Symone Lu. Bottom: Yustyna.

Izzy Cofie

I love being a part of Anti and being able to connect modeling and fashion with my music. Being in and around all these creatives is inspiring.

Symone Lu

Modeling has not only allowed me to break beauty standards within fashion, but has taught me to appreciate the beauty in myself.


When I first came to London I knew that I either want to be in Anti-Agency or not model at all. We are treated like humans and each and every one of us is a very original and colorful person, which is what makes this agency so special.

Left: Zenobia. Right: Elif Gönen


I feel like Anti represents me as a character, not just a model. They know there’s more to us than our looks, and they champion that. I’m proud to be a part of a diverse agency that’s promoting a positive change with casting in the modeling industry.

Elif Gönen

“One is never enough”—a quote I already use for lots of situations in daily life and I based my projects around it so I think it can apply to modeling very well in this situation!



As a woman who is veiled, representation of others who look like me is incredibly scarce and rare to come across—so I’d never even thought it was an option. Often the hardest barriers to overcome are the ones you place on yourself, so say yes to yourself you might be surprised.

Top: Ally. Bottom: Raphael.


I intend to help change the industry for girls who are not sample size. Growing up, I aspired to be like women I could never be like. I want young girls to love and appreciate themselves as they are and not try to change themselves at an early age. This is why I love Anti, they love me as I am and let me be my entire self all the time—curves, tattoos and all.


I often find inspiration when modeling, whether it’s through styling, photography, clothing or the character I assume on the day. I love how modeling broadens certain aspects of my creative work and life.



My main goal is always to inspire others to embrace every part of themselves. That’s what modeling with Anti has helped me with and I want the same for others.

Left: Olly. Right: Ayesha.


Anti is run by genuinely lovely people. They are the best.


As a sculptor, I see all my explorations as part of my craft. When i’m on set, I think of my body as clay and I sculpt it as the shutter flicks, creating ephemeral, every evolving sculptures with my body.