Adidas celebrates its storied shoe with their new exhibition ZX ‘The Roots of Running’.

To say the sneaker has taken on multiple forms while traversing the fashion world would be an understatement—luxury brands have each made their own attempts to make their mark with updated shapes, sizes, and colorways. However, there is something to be said about the classics. One such model, the Adidas XZ Runner, was created in the 1980s and originally designed by Jacques Chassaing. It introduced new technology and designs that targeted not one type of runner, like other brands did, but three. With its focus on both performance and style, the Runner was quickly cemented into the “classic” category among the sneakerhead and athletic world. The shoe and it’s legacy was honored last week in London at the new Adidas exhibition ZX ‘The Roots of Running’.

Adidas invited fans and sneakerheads alike to the exhibition which featured around 300 models of vintage OG ZX shoes curated by the UK’s top sneaker collectors, alongside new releases dropping in the next year. Having all of the models and renditions in one space visibly told the sneaker’s long lasting history over the past 35 years. Chassaing was present at the event answering questions about his design ideas, the technology used to aid runners and the cultural memories that are linked to the shoes. Chassaing also noted that the ZX model has always focused around innovation and with new technologies such as the 4D Carbon Print being integrated into designs, there seems to be a bright future for the legendary sneaker. The exhibition is now open to the public until December 2, 12pm-8pm at Earlham Street, London, WC2H 9LL.