The reason for the sudden so-called green rush is thanks to Canada becoming the only wealthy nation in the world to fully legalize marijuana.

Last week, it emerged that Coca-Cola is in talks to produce a range of marijuana-infused drinks. Details around any potential partnership with Auroroa Cannabis were thin on the ground, but the soft drink retailer made it clear they aren’t interested in selling sodas to get you high. Instead, they’re venturing into the cannabidiol (CBD) health boom, the non-psychoactive ingredient responsible for the drug’s medicinal benefits like pain relief.  Then just days after the news broke, the Canadian cannabis company announced they were planning to list its shares on a major U.S. stock exchange in October.

The reason for the sudden so-called green rush is thanks to Canada becoming the only wealthy nation in the world to fully legalize marijuana. Going into effect in just under a month, it’s no surprise companies have been quick to capitalize on the landmark decision. Soon after the potential partnership came to light, the markets began to respond. Yahoo Finance ran the headline “CBD Stocks Set to Explode,” as another Canadian cannabis producer Tilray, saw their stocks go from $17 per share in July to $300 each last Thursday—the peak of CBD’s mini-boom. Colorado-based New Age Beverages also saw their share value triple since Wednesday when the small company announced plans to premiere a range of CBD -infused drinks at a trade show.

Canaccord Genuity analyst Matt Bottomley thinks part of the reason for Tilray’s boom is because of the lack of investment opportunities in the U.S. “I think it’s the sentiment and excitement and a bit of scarcity of stocks in the U.S.,” Bottomley told The Star. BNN Bloomberg TV also reported that Diageo Plc, the British alcohol brand home to Jonnie Walker and Guinness, is in discussions with at least three major marijuana producers in Canada to make cannabis-infused beverages.

But the race to be first could create a boom and bust scenario. When Colorado cleared the way to legalize marijuana, demand overtook supply and quickly created a bottleneck. But before long the tables turned and with an abundance of produce, the value plummeted.

In the U.S., the states that have made pot legal for medicinal reasons are three times the number of those who’ve decided to extend the rule of law for recreational use. But a study from Pew Research at the start of the year shows six in ten Americans support legalization, backing an upwards trend towards a more liberal attitude when it comes to getting high.  And it’s not just a millennial thing, in the past decade, there’s been a complete shift in the type of people who admit to having a joint. Just last Thursday the Washington Post analyzed federal data to reveal that baby boomers are fast overtaking teens when it comes to blazing.

The transformation over public attitudes when it comes to using pot for recreational or medical use has been exponential, and it’s easy to see why the sea change has left traders eager to get in early. Last week’s peaks and troughs for cannabis stocks may seem like mania in the market but it’s only because those who see burgeoning potential are rushing to get in where they can.