Photographer Ben Toms and stylist Robbie Spencer collaborate on this fashion portfolio for Document's Spring/Summer 2023 issue

Models Ton Trota at Blue Agency; Mohamed Muse at Models 1; Hester Pearl at Tess Management; Spike Matheson at Storm; Ethan Ellis at Viva London; Rafe and Alys at Milk; Theo Sherwoodrogers at Anti Agency; James Hastings Oshea at JM Scouting; Baba Mbaye at PRM; Serena Motola; Emil Staudinger at Tomorrow is Another Day. Hair Shiori Takahashi at Streeters. Make-up Anne Sophie Costa at Streeters. Set Design Amy Stickland at Second Name. Photo Assistants Jack Symes, Ed Denver. Digital Operator Marsy Hild Thorsdottir. Stylist Assistants Isabella Damazio, Karolina Dorau. Hair Assistant Valentina Ingrosso. Make-up Assistant Ruby Yu. Production Lawless. Casting Director Gabrielle Lawrence at People-file. Post Production Hand of God.