The photographer and stylist investigate self-identity in this fashion portfolio for Document Online

In this collaborative fashion portfolio, photographer Guen Fiore and stylist Rubina Marchiori explore womanhood and self-identity—considering the liberating potential of being alone, the power of embodying different personas, and the role of clothing in informing how we see ourselves. Considering their own roles in the equation, Fiore and Marchiori also ask what happens to the self under the watchful gaze of the camera lens. Their shoot is less about providing an answer to that question and more about the thrill of the investigation.

Models Zenobia Voegele-Downing, Coumba Samba, and Julia Campbell-Gillies at Anti-AgencyNassia Matsa at Wilhelmina. Hair & Make-up Machiko Yano at The London Style Agency. Photo Assistant Francesco Zinno. Fashion Assistant Elena Scanagatta.