Document 6 by Terry Richardson and Sarah Richardson

A star-studded cast of personalities including Grace Hartzel, Slick Woods, Kiki Willems, Lili Sumner, Clara Deshayes, Paul Hameline, and more are featured in this sci-fi, 70s-inspired collections editorial inside the 5th anniversary issue of Document.


Photographer Terry Richardson. Fashion Director Sarah Richardson. Models Kiki Willems and Hayett McCarthy at IMG, Clara DeshayesGrace Hartzel, and Lili Sumner at Next New York, Slick Woods at The Lions, Stav Strashko at ONE Management, Amadine Renard at VNY Models, Paul Hameline at Tomorrow Is Another Day, Jessie Bloemendaal at Women Management, Meetka Otto, Marc Armitano Domingo, Summer Minerva, Jeremy Ophelia NightBird, Shelton Lindsay, Justin Gladiola Gladrags Gooding, Hair James Pecis at Bryant Artists using Oribe Haircare. Make Up Frank B at The Wall Group. Manicure Gina Edwards and Holly Falcone at Kate Ryan using Tom Ford Beauty. Set Design Andy Harman at LaLaland. Photo Assistants Rafael Rios and Jared Christianssen. Fashion Assistants Michael Beshara and Lauren Coppen. Hair Assistants Adlena Dignam, Clara Leonard, and Kenta Koda. Make Up Assistants Mariko Arai, Maki Hasegawa, Megumi Onishi and Minako Kiuchi. Set Design Assistants Nicolas Jenkins and Andrey Chudrov. Production Assistant Alana Siefman. Casting AM Casting.